What is Clinical Microdermabrasion Mosman?

Our clinical microdermabrasion in Mosman is a non-surgical, non-chemical, non-invasive method of skin resurfacing that utilizes fine crystals to provide effective exfoliation and rejuvenation of the superficial layers of the skin. When a deeper treatment is required, vacuum suction can be increased to evenly penetrate the lower layers of the skin. This also increases the blood supply to the skin.

Increasing the blood supply to the skin provides essential nutrients necessary for skin regeneration, repair, and increased cellular turnover. This then improves the skins elasticity, texture as well as balancing pigmentation.

How Does Our Clinical Microdermabrasion in Sydney Work?

During a microdermabrasion procedure, you will feel a mild scratching sensation. We aim to give your skin a beautiful glow post-treatment. You may experience mild erythema (redness) for 1-2 days after your procedure.

Our clinical microdermabrasion may help to improve fine lines and wrinkles as well as improve areas of congestion and reduce blackheads. This treatment is recommended in combination with a hydrating facial mask. This way, we may offer refreshment to your skin, twinned with a smoother look and feel.

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How to prepare and look after your skin for Clinical Microdermabrasion Mosman

Before having clinical microdermabrasion in Mosman, it is important to avoid any use of at-home peeling agents. Additionally, you should ensure that you do not sunburn your skin. These both may affect your treatment negatively.

Furthermore, makeup should be avoided on the day of the treatment. This allows the skin to regenerate fully and makes sure the pores do not get clogged. Certain moisturising treatments may be advised following your treatment, as microdermabrasion can by dehydrating.

There are many potential benefits of our clinical microdermabrasion treatment in Sydney. From a brighter skin tone to the reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, many people may be able to recapture a youthful glow with our clinical microdermabrasion treatment. Take a look at some of the benefits that we aim to help with via this procedure:

  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Fewer blackheads
  • Reduced superficial scarring
  • Lessened sun damage
  • Reduced stretch marks
  • And more

For more information and to speak with our friendly team, please contact us today! Take your first step towards looking as youthful as you feel on the inside.

Minimally invasive Clinical Microdermabrasion Mosman

One of the greatest benefits of our clinical microdermabrasion in Mosman is that the treatment may address skin problems without the need for invasive procedures such as surgery.

There are multiple areas of concern that clinical microdermabrasion may be able to address from stretch marks to sun damage and wrinkles. There are a few different options available that may help with these aesthetic imperfections; however, clinical microdermabrasion offers very minimal downtime. This way, you can be back to your daily routine as quickly as possible.

The different forms of Clinical Microdermabrasion Mosman

There are a few different types of clinical microdermabrasion. The three main types are diamond-tip, crystal and hyrdadermabrasion.

Daimond-tip Microdermabrasion

This form of clinical microdermabrasion uses a diamond-tip handpiece to gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells. The suction of the device will remove them from your skin as the diamond tip exfoliates. This form of clinical microdermabrasion is usually used for more sensitive facial features such as under or close to the eyes.

Crystal Microdermabrasion

Crystal microdermabrasion uses a slightly different form of technology. By gently spraying fine crystals onto the skin, this treatment may rub away the deal skin cells and the outer layer of skin. Similarly to the diamond tip, suction is used to clear up the dead skin cells.


Hydradermabrasion is the new form of clinical microdermabrasion. It uses crystal-free exfoliation and other forms of skin treatment simultaneously. This aims to promote collagen production and improve blood flow. 

Why Choose You Cosmetic Medicine for your next Clinical Microdermabrasion treatment?

Choose You Cosmetic Medicine for your next Clinical Microdermabrasion treatment because:

  • We always offer a personalised approach to your treatment. We want to understand what you are hoping to achieve and offer a few treatment options that may be suitable to your unique needs.
  • Our outstanding team consists of highly experienced individuals. Experience counts not only to deliver the best results but also when it comes to how you feel and your experience with us. Our experienced staff knows what it takes to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident whilst in our care.
  • We always provide a premium experience. From our experienced and thoughtful staff to our one-of-a-kind clinic, we want you to feel immersed in an experience that is truly like no other. Combined with premium products and industry-leading techniques and technologies, You Cosmetic Medicine offers something truly unique.

Focused on superior Microdermabrasion results

At You Cosmetic Medicine, we are focused on superior results for your Clinical Microdermabrasion treatment. That is why we always provide a personalised approach to your cosmetic needs. There is a range of treatments and procedures available, and we want to ensure that we offer the most suitable approach to cater to your unique needs. Here are some of the ways that You Cosmetic Medicine always focuses on delivering superior results:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a microdermabrasion facial do?

Our clinical microdermabrasion in Sydney affects the superficial layer of skin. The aim is to rejuvenate by promoting further blood flow and collagen to help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and many other aesthetic imperfections.

How often should I microdermabrasion?

Your results from our clinical microdermabrasion may be effective, however, in order to see the best results, repeat treatments may be required. Our experienced team recommend microdermabrasion procedures every 2-4 weeks in order to make the most of your treatment.

Is microdermabrasion the same as micro-needling?

It can be easy to confuse clinical microdermabrasion with microneedling. These two common treatments are both used with the aim of promoting healthy and youthful-looking skin.

Firstly, microneedling is the deeper of the two treatments. By using extremely small needles, tiny holes are poked into the skin in order to promote your body’s natural repair process. In doing this, we aim to promote new and increased collagen, hence, helping your skin to look and feel more youthful.

On the other hand, microdermabrasion is used on the superficial layer of skin. Some people describe this treatment as a gentle ‘sandpaper’. This is achieved by shooting small crystals in order to clean up the skin. Once the first stage is complete, the small, left-over parts of debris will be removed via a light suction. This procedure aims to treat many areas of imperfection, from wrinkles to acne scars.

Is microdermabrasion painful?

During a microdermabrasion procedure, you will feel a mild scratching sensation. This is not usually very painful but can cause some discomfort. This discomfort is usually mild.

Are there any side effects to microdermabrasion?

After your procedure, you may experience mild erythema (redness) for 1-2 days. This is usually mild and should clear up quickly. If you are concerned about any other side effects or if you have any allergies, it is important to contact our friendly team to let us know.

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