What is Sublative Rejuvenation Laser Treatment Mosman?

Our sublative rejuvenation laser treatment in Mosman enables you to achieve a more youthful appearance. This technology has been shown to effectively treat mild to moderate wrinkles, red and brown spots, and textural irregularities such as acne scarring and open pores. This is truly the next generation of predictable and effective rejuvenation technology.

Additionally, you may benefit from reduced downtime as there is less surface damage to the skin and less chance of complications. More heat is distributed into the deeper layers of the skin resulting in increased collagen production and faster results.

How Does Sublative Rejuvenation Laser Work?

Sublative Rejuvenation Laser uses radiofrequency energy that is applied to the skin through a matrix. Healthy skin around the lasered area accelerates the healing process. Post-treatment, new collagen and healthy skin cells are produced and mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial skin discolouration are reduced. The texture of your skin becomes smoother and more elastic.

It is recommended to purchase a course of 3 treatments to be performed 4 weeks apart. During the treatment, many patients feel a warm prickly sensation as energy enters the skin. After the treatment, a pink or red “sunburn” appearance is also common. Topical anaesthetic ointments may be used to reduce discomfort.

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How can I benefit from Sublative Rejuvenation Laser Treatment Sydney?

Our Sublative Rejuvenation Laser treatment in Sydney can offer many benefits that may help to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. This treatment may be a safe and effective way to improve:

  • Acne scarring
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin discolouration
  • Rough skin
  • Skin elasticity
  • Overall skin quality and more

By stimulating your natural collagen production, a Sublative Rejuvenation Laser may reduce or even eliminate skin imperfections and allow for natural repair. Your body may respond to our treatment by healing the treated areas by producing new, youthful-looking skin.

Additionally, our sublative rejuvenation laser in Sydney may improve the quality of your skin no matter your skin type, tone or pigmentation. As a result, everyone may be able to benefit from this simple treatment!

At You Cosmetic Medicine, we provide simple and bespoke sublative rejuvenation laser treatments in Sydney that may be a safe and effective way to treat all skin types. The procedure is minimally invasive and not considered painful so you can sit back and relax whilst our clinical staff work their magic.

Additionally, our sublative rejuvenation laser treatment in Sydney is complete in under an hour and has virtually no downtime. This allows you to get back to your daily routine quickly whilst receiving all the benefits that our treatment has to offer.

Achieving facial enhancement with Sublative Rejuvenation Laser Mosman

Sublative rejuvenation laser in Mosman may offer facial enhancement to help defy aging concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of these age-related problems, our treatment may be for you.

Additionally, our sublative rejuvenation laser Mosman is designed to help with skin conditions such as acne, sun spots and many other skin issues. This form of treatment offers an opportunity to address certain skin problems that you may have, without the need for invasive procedures.

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With many ways to revitalise skin, why opt for Sublative Laser Rejuvenation Mosman?

There are a few different options that may enhance your facial features. Certain surgeries may offer ways in which to contour your face and this may be beneficial to you; however, there are many elements of facial beauty that cannot be addressed through techniques like this. Some of these elements include tone and texture.

Skin problems such as collagen loss, sun damage, genetic skin issues and other environmental factors can negatively impact the quality of your skin. With our sublative laser rejuvenation in Mosman, we may offer a way to address these types of skin imperfections and help you to achieve a youthful glow.

What is the Sublative Laser Rejuvenation Mosman approach?

When it comes to sublative laser rejuvenation, there are different approaches that you can choose to adopt. This is why initial consultations are important to ascertain what kind of treatment you are looking for and how to achieve your goals.

If a patient is looking to remove all wrinkles, a more aggressive approach may be required. This will usually require general anaesthetic and can result in several weeks of recovery. Additionally, your skin may be red for a few months while your skin repairs are healed. You may be able to use makeup to cover the redness from one week after your procedure.

Other patients may be looking for a lighter approach. With this kind of treatment we usually use local anaesthetic and may require 3-5 treatments spaced a month apart. This may resurface and offer a smoothing remedy, resulting in an improvement from issues such as sun damage. This kind of treatment offers significantly less downtime; however, we may not remove as many imperfections as the former procedure.

Whichever type of sublative laser rejuvenation treatment you prefer, at You Cosmetic Medicine, we can offer a premium service.

Why Choose You Cosmetic Medicine for your next Sublative Rejuvenation Laser treatment?

Choose You Cosmetic Medicine for your next Sublative Rejuvenation Laser treatment because:

  • We always provide a personalised approach to your treatment. We want to understand what you are hoping to achieve and provide a few treatment options that may be suitable to your unique needs.
  • Our friendly team consists of highly experienced individuals. Experience counts not only to deliver the best results but also when it comes to how you feel and your experience with us. Our experienced team knows what it takes to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident whilst under our care.
  • We always provide a superior experience. From our experienced and compassionate staff to our one-of-a-kind facility, we want you to feel immersed in an experience that is truly like no other. Combined with premium products and industry-leading techniques and technologies, You Cosmetic Medicine offers something truly special.

Focused on superior Sublative Rejuvenation Laser results

At You Cosmetic Medicine, we are focused on superior results for your Sublative Rejuvenation Laser treatment. That is why we always provide a personalised approach to your cosmetic needs. There is a range of treatments and procedures available, and we want to make sure that we offer the most suitable approach to satisfy your unique needs. Here are some of the ways that You Cosmetic Medicine always focuses on delivering superior results:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sublative rejuvenation laser safe?

Our sublative rejuvenation laser treatment in Sydney has been FDA approved. Additionally, studies have shown that this treatment may be safe and effective for all types of skin. From acne to fine lines and wrinkles, sublative rejuvenation lasers offer a safe way to reduce the appearance of imperfections with minimal downtime.

Does sublative rejuvenation laser hurt?

Sublative rejuvenation lasers are not considered a painful procedure. You may experience some discomfort during your treatment; however, this is minimal and is similar to the feeling of sunburn.

For more information on our sublative rejuvenation laser treatments in Sydney, please contact our friendly team today!

Is sublative rejuvenation laser better than micro needling?

Microneedling and sublative rejuvenation laser both have pros and cons that may benefit each patient in different ways. Microneedling treatments tend to focus on superficial, surface-level scars and wrinkles, allowing for less recovery time.

However, sublative rejuvenation laser treatments may be more effective for deeper wrinkles and scars. The downtime is also not particularly long, allowing you to get back to your normal routine quickly.

What conditions can sublative laser rejuvenation address?

There are many areas that our sublative laser rejuvenation in Mosman may be able to treat. Some of these areas include:

  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Vascular lesions
  • Age spots
  • Sun spots
  • and more
How long will it take to see sublative rejuvenation laser results?

Results from our treatment may be noticeable immediately; however, as weeks progress, collagen production may be stimulated and have a positive effect on your skin quality and healing ability.

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