Liposuction Sydney

Minimally invasive liposuction (also know as fat removal) is designed to remove fat from small areas and reshape particular areas of the body. It is not designed as a quick weight loss tool.

Typical problem areas that can be treated with minimally invasive small area liposuction include, chin, arms, stomach knees and hips.

The procedure is relatively quick taking between 60-90 minutes to complete depending on the area you want your excess fat to be removed from. As the incision is only 1mm in diameter, you’ll be left with minimal scarring and you won’t need to stay overnight at the clinic as there’s no suturing required.

By using 1 mm in diameter micro-cannula, we are not only able to do it with minimal trauma, but also allows for finer sculpting.

The side effects of liposculpture are minimal, including bruising and some soreness for several days or up to a week.

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